Volunteer Beyond PTA

Beyond the PTA meetings, fundraising events, and programs, there are several other ways to volunteer at Thomas Paine.  Parents volunteering more than three times in the school need to complete an online background check, fill out a registration form, and attend a brief onsite orientation.  If you are interested in getting involved with any of the positions below, please contact:
Volunteer Coordinator: Angie Armstrong
Classroom Volunteers:
classroom_volunteerteachers welcome parents into the classroom doing such task as tutoring students one-on-one, helping students get organized, helping absent students catch up, taking notes beside a student during a teacher presentation, setting up materials for special art / science activities, doing clerical work (e.g. copying, covering books), creating bulletin boards, making games, teaching enrichment units, and sharing knowledge and skills pertinent to curriculum.
Library Volunteers:
library_volunteerhelp our librarian with tasks in the library such as shelving books and assisting students checking out materials.
Mentor Program: 

mentor_programthe mentor program at Thomas Paine matches community members with students in need of support.  They meet once a week with a specific student for approximately one hour during the school day for the duration of the school year.  Mentors are so dedicated, they often follow their students throughout their entire school career.  Each mentor must attend a two hour training, an onsite orientation, and complete a background check with fingerprinting.

At Home Volunteer:

at_home_volunteerif you cannot volunteer in the school or during the school day, there are often tasks that can be completed at home that would lighten the load for teachers.  Tasks such as collating/stapling, putting together folders, making fliers, and cutting can often be sent home and returned to school with your student.  This type of volunteer does not need to complete a background check or attend an orientation.  Please contact your child’s teacher to see what they need assistance with at this time.

Teacher Donations:

teacher_donationsif you would prefer to donate items or money instead of time, teachers are always in need of additional items such as school supplies, classroom materials, and field trip funds.  Please contact your child’s teacher to see what they need!

Holiday Donations:
for_holiday_donationseach year, our Thomas Paine social worker coordinates a holiday gift drive for students in need.  Donors can request students by gender and age and will be matched up anonymously with a student’s wish list.  Gifts should be wrapped and brought into the school by the given deadline.  Forms will be sent home around the holidays.  For more information, please contact Latrice Willis: lwillis@usd116.org.