Get Involved

PTA: More Than Meetings 
While meetings are a great way to get started with the PTA, there is so much more to PTA than meetings! So even if you can’t make it to our monthly meetings, here are some of the many ways you can be a part of PTA.

Join Facebook, Twitter, and Email List: the first step to learning more about PTA and getting involved is staying informed. We post news and information via Twitter and Facebook as well as sending out emails and fliers. Sign up to receive emails by contacting us, join the Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter. Then you’ll always know when PTA events are happening!

Participate in Events: even if you can’t volunteer your time, you can still participate in PTA events, helping make them more successful with your presence! Check out the Events page to learn more about our annual events. Bring the family and encourage other Thomas Paine families to come, too!

Participate in Fundraisers: by selling or buying PTA fundraiser items you help support and enrich our school. Check out the Fundraiser Page to see the many ways you can contribute to our fundraisers. Every little bit counts! If you have an idea for a new fundraiser, please let us know!

Donate items: we ask parents to donate pot luck items for parent-teacher conferences and for teacher appreciation week. Just sign up when you receive the announcement flier, email, or FaceBook post. We also ask for donations for the Carnival raffle baskets and silent auction. If you are able, please consider donating. The more parents that donate, the less each parent needs to do!

Volunteer at Events: we are always looking for more parents to help run our events. Each event requires setting up and tearing down as well as numerous jobs during the event (e.g. selling food). Volunteer shifts are generally just 30 minutes long so that parents have a chance to enjoy the event with their families as well. Stay tuned for emails and posts on our Facebook page when volunteers are needed. Please contact us if you have questions about volunteering at events.

Meetings: at meetings, parents can interact with other parents, teachers, and the principal. The teacher and principal reports give parents a more intimate understanding of what’s happening within the school. Meetings also provide a platform for parent to give input about events, fundraisers, and how funds are spent. Come make your voice heard! For more information on meetings see the Calendar page.

Committees: committees are often formed to accomplish specific tasks outside of PTA meetings. In the past we have had committees for re-vamping the by-laws, completing an audit, organizing events (e.g. Carnival Night or Fun & Field Day), starting up a new program (e.g. the school garden), and more. Parents that cannot attend meetings can still be part of committees. Just contact us and let us know how you would like to be involved!

Executive Board: the highest level of commitment to the PTA is serving on the executive board. These members complete many duties both at meetings and outside of meetings to keep the PTA running smoothly and to achieve the PTA’s goals. If you are looking for a way to be much more involved and have more say in how the PTA operates, consider running for the executive board next year! Elections are in May.